SWBC Switches to the eSSential LMS and Reduces Security Risks with Training

client snapshot

Headquartered in San Antonio, SWBC is a diversified financial services company which provides a wide range of insurance, mortgage, and investment services to financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. With offices across the country, they are committed to providing quality products, outstanding service, and customized solutions in all 50 states.

key points

  • Previous LMS vendor’s customer support limitations prompted SWBC to seek a replacement
  • SWBC launched the eSSential LMS faster and more efficiently due to eLogic’s battle-tested, high-touch implementation process
  • Because of eLogic’s partnership approach, SWBC has benefited from LMS enhancements and new features with no charge for custom development
  • Using reports within eSSential, SWBC proved risk of information theft dropped from over 35% to less than 6% as a result of training

The challenge


Formed in 2008, the SWBC training department is relatively young compared to the 40 year old financial services company. In 2009, the training department implemented a learning management system to give employees a central location to access training materials and complete course requirements, as well as allow administrators to track and report on training activity.

As with any new technology implementation, the stakes were high for the SWBC training department to prove that the LMS was easy to use and would provide convenience rather than frustration. For SWBC, it was critical that every user interaction with the LMS be positive. Unfortunately, their LMS vendor at the time showed no sense of urgency when problems with the system occurred. Not willing to accept this lack of concern, SWBC decided to explore new LMS providers as soon as their contract allowed.


Employee adoption is critical to all LMS implementations, so SWBC’s search for a new LMS was centered on user experience. SWBC knew that to continually increase adoption of the LMS, it was imperative that anything the employee would need from a formal training standpoint could be easily accessed in the system. The previous solution required employees to search multiple places to get the materials they needed leading to confusion, frustration and a poor experience. This negative experience resulted in a decline in training completions.


In addition to a positive and intuitive end user experience, SWBC wanted the new system to be easier for LMS administrators to use. While their previous LMS had reporting capabilities, the method of extracting data was tedious and time consuming. Even once a report had been created, the system’s default labels were unclear to the team, leaving them uncertain if they were really getting the data they needed and questioning the accuracy.


The ideal LMS for SWBC would also provide an efficient method to manage their training library of over 400 items including audio books, printed materials, study guides and more. Employees from any SWBC location across the country could check out a library item to be shipped to them for three weeks before it had to be returned. The SWBC training department kept track of library item distribution in an Excel spreadsheet because that was the best option they had at the time. However, the spreadsheet was becoming large and cumbersome to work with. Without information back up or version control, data corruption was becoming a major concern.

the elogic solution


Down to their top two LMS vendor choices, SWBC’s final decision came to the library item management feature. Neither vendor had the functionality built into the system at the time, so custom development was needed. One potential vendor gave an estimate of approximately $50,000 to custom develop a library management feature. However, SWBC was told that a number of unknown factors could vastly increase the price tag, so a true estimate couldn’t be given until after the project had already started. Needless to say, that’s not something any buyer likes to hear.

eLogic’s approach on the other hand was entirely different. eLogic saw the library management feature as an opportunity to foster a meaningful partnership with SWBC that would produce long-term positive results. Understanding that a library management feature would be something many of their current and future clients would value, eLogic built the new feature together with the SWBC team with no charge for custom development.


Once the custom library management solution was completed, it was time to implement the system. With SWBC’s previous LMS vendor, implementation had been a grueling six month process consisting of a 200 page design survey SWBC had to complete on their own. The language of the design survey was heavily technical, which meant the training department lacked the flexibility to set up the LMS without enlisting additional resources and time from their IT department. In addition to the difficult documentation procedures, the previous vendor’s customer service team was slow to respond and often provided conflicting information to SWBC’s training and IT departments, furthering complications of the already overly complex process.

eLogic’s design survey was a much more manageable process directed by eLogic’s project management professionals and SWBC’s training department without the involvement of IT. The eLogic team was also present throughout the process to provide guidance in a straightforward, helpful manner. eLogic’s high-touch implementation approach resulted in an accelerated project turnaround of just eight weeks.

the results


Information security is critical to SWBC and its clients. That is why SWBC has committed that every new employee will complete a mandatory security course within 30 days of being hired. Previously, administrators had to manually assign the security course to new users which made it easier for people to fall through the cracks. Working together with SWBC, eLogic made LMS enhancements so the system will recognize a new user and will then automatically assign the user to the security course. Now all LMS administrators need to do is pull a report to see who has yet to complete the course and make sure that the necessary steps are being taken to get everyone in compliance. As a result, SWBC can assure clients that the company does in fact deliver on its promise to hold employees to the highest security standards.


Since implementing the eSSential LMS, SWBC has been recognized for its outstanding achievements in training and development as an organization. In 2013, SWBC won a Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best in Compliance Training up against some of the largest training departments in the country, such as American Express, Johnson & Johnson, etc. With reports gathered from the eSSential LMS, SWBC was able to show the impact their mandatory security awareness course has on their employees and prove a strong ROI. By performing pre-training and post-training security tests with the help of the IT department, SWBC proved that the risk of information theft dropped from over 35% to less than 6%, showing an improvement of 29%.


Moving forward, SWBC has begun using learning paths in the eSSential LMS to help employees align their professional development goals with training opportunities. These learning paths have been created around a number of job-related themes and topics. As employees are completing their self-evaluations and working with their managers to create goals for next year, they can choose from a variety of learning paths in the area where they want to develop. The learning paths consist of instructor-led training, study materials, 3rd party courses from eLogic and custom courses developed by SWBC. By providing employees valuable training opportunities, SWBC will increase employee satisfaction, close skill gaps and improve the company’s overall performance.

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