IT Systems Upgrade Initiates LMS Adoption and Results in Long-Term Cost Reductions

client snapshot

SaskEnergy is Saskatchewan’s natural gas distribution company, a provincial Crown corporation with roots of more than half a century in Saskatchewan, Canada. SaskEnergy delivers the benefits of safe, convenient and environmentally friendly natural gas to more than 358,000 residential, farm, commercial and industrial customers throughout Saskatchewan. They purchase natural gas from independent suppliers and transport it through our 67,000-kilometer distribution system to 92% of Saskatchewan communities.

key points

  • SaskEnergy initially needed an LMS to support a company-wide IT system upgrade
  • Delivering training online with the eSSential LMS created greater efficiencies for SaskEnergy and their employees
  • The eSSential LMS helped alleviate administrative burden by automating compliance tracking
  • SaskEnergy has reduced overall training costs by creating a comprehensive eLearning course library

The challenge

SaskEnergy was in the middle of an Oracle ERP implementation when their team started to focus on the process of training their employees on the new software. They discovered training that was built by Cobb EMC which was specific to the call center/billing module of Oracle. This module was a critical component of the Oracle implementation for their organization, so the courses by Cobb EMC were a perfect fit. However, SaskEnergy did not have an LMS or any other method to deliver the SCORM-compliant training.

SaskEnergy asked the team at Cobb EMC what they recommended as a way to deliver the training. Based on their high level of satisfaction with eLogic Learning, Cobb EMC encouraged the SaskEnergy team to review the eSSential LMS.

After a detailed analysis, SaskEnergy found the eSSential LMS would not only meet their immediate need, but it would also address challenges they were facing with managing rapidly changing CAP Assessment regulations. SaskEnergy was facing an increasing manpower burden to track CAP Assessments and report results to the governing regulatory body. They understood the benefit to automating this process as much as possible using an LMS.

the elogic solution

SaskEnergy needed the LMS to be installed in their datacenter (rather than the typical cloud-hosted model). They had an established partnership with CGI to provide IT outsourcing services, therefore the implementation team included members of SaskEnergy, CGI, and eLogic.

The implementation proceeded in three parallel paths. The first path was focused on the implementation of the technical architecture. The CGI team worked with eLogic to define the environment specifications and implement the web and database servers in a VM deployment.

The second path was focused on the business design of the application. SaskEnergy and eLogic partnered to define SaskEnergy’s detailed training requirements and configure the LMS to meet their unique needs.

The final path was focused on data integration. SaskEnergy’s IT and eLogic partnered to develop a feed between SaskEnergy’s HRIS system and the eSSential LMS for user information and organizational hierarchy. The result of this partnering approach to the implementation was a successful launch of the eSSential LMS in May 2011.

the results

The SaskEnergy launch has been widely successful. The immediate training goal to support the Oracle roll-out was achieved and the organization is already starting to benefit from the automation of the CAP Assessments. Management’s commitment to training has led to a higher compliance rate and a more knowledgeable staff.

Training Highlights

  • SaskEnergy has an eLearning catalog of over 100 courses, including custom developed courseware and third-party courseware.
  • Over 2,000 users have completed over 26,000 trainings through the LMS.
  • The use of the eSSential LMS has resulted in significant cost savings for the organization while also providing better management of compliance training and monitoring.
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