Presbyterian Medical Services

Presbyterian Medical Services Increases Course Completions with User-Friendly LMS

client snapshot

Founded in 1969, Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS) provides medical care, counseling, education, child/senior services, homecare and hospice to the underserved communities of New Mexico.

key points

  • As a highly regulated non-profit healthcare organization, PMS needed an LMS that could meet training requirements of multiple governing bodies
  • By automating training notifications with the eSSential LMS, PMS is able to ensure employees are in compliance with training requirements
  • The eSSential LMS allows PMS to tracking all of its blended learning activities for accurate reporting
  • The superior LMS user experience has led to more course completions, and greater training compliance
  • What used to be a complicated audit process is now just a simple report with transcripts readily available in the LMS

The challenge

As a non-profit medical services provider, Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS) must manage annual staff training requirements and report to multiple funding and regulatory agencies on a continual basis. PMS administrators faced numerous limitations with their current LMS that made their already substantial workload even heavier, including:

  • Employees could not be notified of training requirements automatically through the LMS, so admins had to individually email every employee when training was required
  • Course completion data could not be saved in the LMS or accessed later for reporting purposes
  • End users had to manually print course completion documentations and administrators had to request copies in order to keep records
  • Administrators did not have any of the necessary documentation at their disposal for auditors
  • Live training sessions could not be tracked through the LMS
  • Training compliance was decreasing because employees found the LMS difficult to use

the elogic solution

PMS chose the eSSential LMS because of its superior functionality with emphasis on automatic notifications and transcripts. During implementation, historical data from PMS’s previous system was extracted and imported into eSSential as the main company database.

PMS was then able to input each element of their training in the eSSential LMS. Live training sessions were added using event scheduling to simplify sign up and reporting. Online modules in approximately 20 topic areas were uploaded so employees could have access to training on their own schedules. PMS configured the eSSential LMS to reflect their brand and company culture as well.

the results

Extensive Reporting for Improved Training Results

In October 2015, UNOS delivered its first training course to employees via eSSential. The training aimed to improve awareness of UNOS’s security policies and saw a 99.18% completion rate with only 3 of 362 employees missing the training deadline.

Through its pre- and post-training survey results, UNOS reported a 12% increase in employee’s ability to describe the organizations security policies and maintain a secure working environment.

In using eSSential’s robust reporting features, UNOS was able to make connections between key events and spikes in training completions.

The organization is looking forward to administering its external continuing education training now that Version 10 of eSSential has been pushed out to all clients.

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