Massage Envy Spa

Massage Envy Spa Uses the eSSential LMS to Drive Franchise Sales and Growth

client snapshot

Massage Envy Spa, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a national franchisor, and through its franchised locations, is the leading provider of therapeutic massage in the United States. The national franchise is dedicated to providing professional and affordable therapeutic massage and spa services to members and guests with busy lifestyles at convenient times and locations. For more information, visit

key points

  • The flexible eSSential LMS platform is key to Massage Envy Spa growing its franchise operations
  • Massage Envy Spa was able to streamline training to multiple locations using the LMS
  • Tracking and reporting in the LMS has shown training’s positive influence on sales and franchise performance
  • Massage Envy Spa can now determine training return on investment using detailed custom reports
  • Automating compliance training with Learning Paths has helped Massage Envy Spa mitigate risk across the growing franchise

The challenge

Massage Envy Spa is a rapidly growing and well-known national spa franchise. In its early stages, the company started out with a basic learning management system (LMS) but soon discovered that it was not scalable or built to grow.

Content creation was a tedious task with Massage Envy Spa’s current provider. LMS administators didn’t have permission to upload courses on their own. Instead, they were forced to go through a lengthy process with a third party before a course was even ready to test in the LMS. And with no custom reporting options, relevant information on training investment and return on investment (ROI) was extremely difficult to gather for decision makers.

Learning management capabilities in the current system were no longer relevant to Massage Envy Spa’s operations. Training couldn’t be assigned or made mandatory, and it was impossible to incorporate a blended learning approach (online courses and in-person training) into the LMS. Additionally, the system couldn’t account for repeated courses, making keeping track of compliance records a near impossible task. A new vehicle was needed to effectively communicate the full range of training activities utilized by Massage Envy Spa.

the elogic solution

Massage Envy Spa selected the eSSential LMS because it was the solution that could scale with the company’s growth. During implementation, eLogic Learning and Massage Envy Spa worked together to leverage eSSential’s features to perfectly meet the company’s needs.

eSSential’s configurable organizational hierarchy was set up to reflect the true company structure of Massage Envy Spa. Access was then custom-tailored for each region, level, etc., and the look and feel of the LMS was configured to reflect the company’s unique branding.

eLogic also helped Massage Envy Spa incorporate its blended learning approach into the LMS. Field trainers were empowered to create their own sessions and make them available to everyone in the appropriate region. Trainers also learned to use eSSential to track sign ups and limit participation with wait-listing. eLogic assisted in setting up reports so managers can easily track who has attended trainings directly from eSSential.

Industry compliance is an important issue in the personal care industry. eLogic helped Massage Envy Spa set up learning paths to group together related certification courses and make them repeatable. The eLogic team also helped put automatic report scheduling in place so compliance reports are automatically sent to the appropriate managers hassle-free.

the results

Massage Envy Spa’s training department now has control over uploading and publishing their own courses without use of a third party, so training can produce results at a much faster rate. Shortly after implementing eSSential, three fully-interactive courses were delivered to the sales staff for “enhanced therapy” add-on services. National sales of “enhanced therapies” have gone up significantly as a result of the courses.

eSSential has given Massage Envy Spa the ability to track training participation and its effect on performance, leading to improved training ROI. Managers have successfully used the custom report features to see how an existing training is performing to make informed decisions on future training. Metrics for specific regions, franchisees and more can be targeted using eSSential, which has helped make training more cost-effective for the whole company.

In order to guarantee a consistently excellent experience for its guests and members, Massage Envy Spa requires its franchisees to hold their employees to the highest standards of professional conduct. It provides world-class online training to reinforce these standards, and eSSential has proven an effective tool to ensure these standards are being upheld. The eSSential LMS’s ability to mitigate risk by showing that Massage Envy Spa has provided the proper training to all franchise employees has positively contributed to long-term success and growth.

Currently, Massage Envy offers 74 courses and has seen almost 4,000,000 courses completed since going live with over 1,000,000 completed in just the past year.

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