Heartland Dental

Heartland Dental Takes a Blended-Learning Approach to Training and Saves Big

client snapshot

Founded in 1997, Heartland Dental was created by a dentist, for dentists – a support system of exceptional professionals who give dentists the opportunity to focus on their true passion in life: their patients.

With a network of 840 dental practices, 1,300 supported doctors, 10,000 team members, and operate in 35 states (and growing), Heartland Dental has become the nation’s largest dental support organization.

key points

  • Before partnering with eLogic, Heartland Dental conducted training via large, multi-day in-person training sessions. This created a problem once Heartland Dental began growing and scaling their business.
  • Through eSSential LMS, Heartland Dental has been able to bring the large majority of its training program to an online, interactive learning environment. They have been able to take advantage of features such as checklists to conduct more in-office and on-the-job training, plus integrate with other applications to get a larger ROI picture.
  • Because of its ability to conduct training faster, more effectively, and in the particular office setting dental professionals will be working in they have saved approximately $18.5M in training-related expenses, and expect to continue growing from 1,200 dentists to 5,000, and 10,000 team members to 50,000 by 2025 thanks in part to eSSential LMS and its ability to deliver training to the right people at the right time.

The challenge


Before partnering with eLogic, Heartland Dental conducted all of its training via large, multi-day in-person training sessions. While these sessions were known for being industry leading, Heartland Dental found several issues with current training practices once the organization began to grow and scale:

  • Solely offering in-person training was losing appeal for today’s on-the-go workforce, especially busy Doctors and their teams, so a vast amount of training needed to be made available online
  • There was a need to offer in-person or on-the-job training in the office environment dental team members would be working in as opposed to participating in training outside of it
  • The LMS needed to be integrated with Heartland Dental’s HRIS system in order to get a better view of overall ROI and online training cost savings
  • Heartland Dental began searching for a learning management system (LMS) that could not only address the aforementioned frustrations but also their desire to offer ongoing training every 60 days to network team members.

the elogic solution


Today’s workforce is less likely to travel in order to complete occupational and/or certification training. Heartland Dental began seeing this trend and decided to move a drastic amount of their training programs into an interactive, online learning environment.

Through eSSential LMS, they’re able to reach more people than ever before and much faster. Training is now modular, and they have access to features such as checklists for in-office training and reviews, while still being able to track travel within the LMS for those who have to conduct or attend training elsewhere.


As stated above, Heartland Dental originally conducted large, in-person training sessions all across the country. However, many of those in-person sessions have now become in-office sessions with an on-the-job training component.

With the checklist feature within eSSential LMS, trainees can now perform tasks in their particular office while a manager observes them. Training completion can be done on-the-spot and this type of OJT allows for managers and trainees to discuss the tasks completed right then and there.

Not only does this encourage better information retention and higher quality service for the trainee, but Heartland Dental has found that this methodology also builds stronger relationships through these interactions between all office staff.


Through an integration with Heartland Dental’s HRIS software, new team members can immediately and automatically be assigned to relevant training based on any number of different attributes (such as location, job function, department, etc.) through eSSential’s organization and geographical hierarchy.

This cuts down on the amount of work system administrators have to complete and oversee while also ensuring training is consistent and more accurate for each individual job function within the dental office.

In being able to offer a more blended online and in-person training approach, Heartland Dental has also been able to scale WAY back on the number of training sessions involving travel and begin training in each respective trainee’s office.

Offering its network members this kind of office-level training approach has resulted in increased savings on training-related costs for Heartland Dental, but also offer a better, more personalized learning experience for its dentists and their team members.

the results


Since implementing eSSential LMS, Heartland Dental has achieved more than they ever thought possible.

Through the LMS, Heartland Dental is able to reach more people than ever before. They can utilize features such as checklists for in-office training and review, track any outside travel within the system, integrate with their other applications to get a larger picture of Heartland Dental’s ROI, and so much more.

Because they have moved the majority of their training to an online environment, Heartland Dental has been able to save approximately $18.5M in training-related costs.

As such, the company has been able to continually grow and has plans to grow their network from 1,300 supported dentists to an estimated 5,000 dentists by 2025, and are also on track to increase their team member base from 10,000 to 50,000 by 2025.

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