Grant County Public Utility District

Grant County Public Utility District Simplifies Training and Reduces Costs with eSSential

client snapshot

Grant County Public Utility District (GCPUD) is a Washington State municipal corporation that began electric service in 1942. Owned by the people it serves, GCPUD generates and sells electricity to Grant County residents and millions of customers throughout central Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Grant PUD has a five-member board of commissioners made up of local citizens elected on a nonpartisan basis by the people of Grant County. Commissioners meet weekly to set policy, review operations and approve budget expenditures. The Priest Rapids Project, comprised of Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams, has the capacity to produce 2,000 megawatts of clean, renewable and reliable electricity – enough to supply a city the size of Seattle.

key points

  • Grant County PUD needed an LMS to manage thousands of hours of training annually
  • Partnering with eLogic, Grant County PUD implemented a blended learning strategy to increase LMS adoption
  • The eSSential LMS enabled Grant County PUD to create and manage mandatory training
  • With reports in the LMS, the company is able to track compliance in real-time and develop their own ad-hoc reports
  • Automated report scheduling has made managing compliance much more efficient

The challenge

GCPUD was looking for a learning solution that would allow the District to deliver and manage their training in a more cost effective method. They also needed an improved process for real-time reporting to ensure all employees were in compliance with their required training.

As a result of the dangerous nature of many of their business functions, GCPUD manages thousands of hours of training for their employees annually. Their training needs were varied. Their back office operations required training on company policies, financial skills, Microsoft Office proficiency, IT training, etc. Their operational resources required training on security, OSHA Safety, heavy equipment (turbines) maintenance, etc.

GCPUD also believed strongly in a blended training approach. They realized that some of their employees embraced e-Learning and the flexibility it provides while others in their employee population resisted anything but instructor-led training. GCPUD needed a learning management system that would handle their various needs.

the elogic solution

The eSSential LMS hosted by eLogic Learning was the solution GCPUD determined best met their needs. During the implementation process, GCPUD worked with the eLogic Learning team to further define their requirements and determine the optimal system configuration to drive their business.

The LMS delivered was branded specifically to fit within their organizational culture to create a familiar environment for their employees. GCPUD launched this initiative by loading all future scheduled instructor-led events into the application. They then mandated that all employees utilize the LMS functionality for ILT registration. This built familiarity among the employee base with the LMS while GCPUD began the process of building their e-Learning catalog. The GCPUD team now has a full library of over 150 e-Learning courses to supplement their ILT. The library includes internally built custom courses as well as courses purchased from third party providers.

GCPUD is also leveraging the Mandatory curriculum assignment feature in the application to define which employees are required to take training by job classes. They also have setup a deadline for completion of these mandatory classes. The system automatically registers anyone with the identified job classification on their user profile and calculates the due date based on the rules setup by GCPUD. The GCPUD team can then run reports to see who is in compliance and who is nearing the deadline without completing the required curriculum.

The report of users nearing the compliance deadline was built using the Ad Hoc Report engine and then is automatically distributed by the system via email on a schedule created by GCPUD. This combined with eSSential’s certification tracking has given the GCPUD team their desired visibility into employee compliance with required training.

the results

GCPUD now employs a best practice blended learning environment for their company. They have increased visibility for their compliance related training. The on-demand reporting allows any manager the ability to determine if an employee is appropriately trained for a job function and within compliance. They have managed all of these improvements while decreasing their training budget through the use of the eSSential LMS. Some of their training highlights include:

  • They have an e-Learning catalog of over 100 courses (part internally developed and part purchased from third party providers).
  • GCPUD has used the eSSential LMS to manage over 4,700 instructor-led events since the application launch in 2008 with over 42,000 people attending the events.
  • The combination of ILT and e-Learning courses have led to over 74,600 trainings completed through the LMS.
  • This blended learning approach has resulted in significant cost savings and assurance tracking of compliance for employees.
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