Core Performance Concepts

Core Performance Concepts Saves Costs and Gains Control by Moving Educational Materials Online

client snapshot

Core Performance Concepts (CPC) is a training organization that provides project management and project leadership curriculum and expertise to corporations and universities. With this specialty in project management, Core Performance Concepts is one of only a few organizations to have written a textbook for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam. The first edition of the book, Achieve PMP® Exam Success, was originally published in 2002 and remains a featured top-seller in the Project Management Institute’s bookstore.

key points

  • Core Performance Concepts (CPC) realized cost-saving benefits as a result of transferring physical learning materials to eLearning
  • With eSSential, CPC was able to increasing new and existing business scale and reach without additional cost of delivery
  • Utilizing the LMS to limit unlicensed use and distribution of proprietary online learning materials, CPC was able to increase revenue generated
  • eLogic’s partnership approach to LMS implementation and continuous technical and business support ensures the system grows with CPC as their needs evolve

The challenge

Each Achieve PMP® Exam Success book included a CD ROM with over 1,400 practice exam questions and supplemental study material. CPC was ready to move the practice tests and materials to an online format for a number of reasons. MAC users were prevented from using the CD ROM as it was only PC-compatible. Without technology to regulate use of the CD ROM, people could share the practice test and other materials with their friends and colleagues. CPC wanted an online solution to eliminate ongoing production and distribution costs of CD ROM products and provide the company more management and feedback from students experience and knowledge transfer, while also eliminating the technical issues and failure rates associated with CD ROMs.

the elogic solution

CPC was a client of eLogic Learning and had been successfully utilizing the eSSential LMS to deliver their online training courses.  CPC engaged eLogic’s learning strategy experts to help them leverage the LMS as a portal for their new online materials.

eLogic created a solution that would limit user access to CPC’s testing center.  When users register for the practice test, the eSSential LMS automatically sets a due date 45 days from the registration time.  After the 45 days, access is automatically turned off by the LMS (more time can be purchased for a small fee if needed).

the results

CPC now has control over who can access their practice test materials. This has allowed them to recoup lost profits from the CD ROM being passed around to multiple users. Also, they have saved significant production and distribution costs by moving their supplemental materials online which was passed onto the students by reducing the cost of the textbook by over 15%

CPC now has a database of everyone who has purchased a book or test. They can use this valuable data to track important metrics and digitally introduce new offerings their customers will value.

eLogic also worked with CPC to creatively use one of the features within the LMS that has allowed them to tie curriculum registration to a unique serial number found on each textbook. This has increased their ability to track usage and support their customers better. This partnership approach ensures that the eSSential LMS will fit CPC’s needs as their goals develop and change.

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