Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (Cobb EMC)

Cobb EMC Translates System Upgrade into Cost-Saving Training Initiative with eSSential

client snapshot

Formed in 1938, Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (Cobb EMC) started as an electric utility with 489 residential members and 14 commercial accounts. With more than 197,000 meters representing 175,093 members, Cobb EMC is now among the largest of Georgia’s 42 EMCs and one of the largest of the nation’s over 900 EMCs. The physical plant of Cobb EMC consists of more than 10,519 miles of line over approximately 1,087 square miles within portions of Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton and Paulding Counties in the metro Atlanta area and Calhoun, Clay, Quitman and Randolph counties in Southwest Georgia.

key points

  • Cobb EMC initiated the search for an LMS to train staff on how to use a new IT system
  • The eSSential LMS allowed Cobb EMC to close knowledge gaps by delivering targeted training
  • After the IT system upgrade, Cobb EMC leveraged LMS to deliver on-going & new hire training
  • The use of eLearning helped to reduce training costs & manage organization-wide compliance
  • Cobb EMC has built a company eLearning library with custom and OTS (off-the-shelf) content

The challenge

Cobb EMC was looking for a learning solution that could manage their training and compliance tracking in a more cost-effective way. The company was also in the process of a major software application upgrade to a new Oracle ERP system. This upgrade would significantly impact the financial team and call center personnel. Cobb EMC needed a platform to provide initial application training as well as on-going and new hire training on the system.

The application implementation was on a fast track and Cobb EMC realized their current training staff would not be able to adequately support that implementation without an LMS. They needed a learning management system that would handle their diverse training requirements.

the elogic solution

Cobb EMC selected the eSSential LMS as their solution for training and delivery. During implementation, the eLogic Learning team worked closely with Cobb EMC to configue the system to meet their requirements. Cobb EMC wanted each of its fie separate entities to have its own identity in the LMS; therefore, five separate portals were created each with their own unique branding. The solution provided Cobb EMC with the efficiencies of one environment to manage but also the benefit of creating unique branding for each organization.

Simultaneous to the LMS implementation, the Cobb EMC team created eLearning courses to train employees on the use of the new Oracle ERP system. This parallel approach allowed the training to be rolled out close to the time the LMS was deployed ensuring that they would be able to fully support the Oracle implementation.

After the successful launch of the LMS and support of the Oracle implementation, Cobb EMC then focused on growing their eLearning library. They took a hybrid approach by building custom courses as well as purchasing third party off-the-shelf courses universal course subject matter was acceptable.

the results

Cobb EMC not only successfully delivered on the short-term need to support the ERP implementation but they also created a corporate university which has managed training for their employees since 2006. Cobb EMC has also increased visibility to compliance-related training. They have managed all of these improvements while decreasing their training budget through the use of the eSSential LMS.

Training Highlights

  • The hosted LMS provided Cobb EMC with 24/7 access to training
  • Their eLearning catalog now has over 450 eLearning courses
  • Since implementation, over 10,000 trainings have been completed by approximately 1,500 Cobb EMC users
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