Make the Switch to eSSential

Is your current LMS outdated, too confusing for your users to navigate, unable to scale with your business, or lacking the support you need to meet your training goals?

If so, consider making the switch to eLogic's eSSential LMS! By switching you'll receive:

Award Winning,
All-Purpose LMS

Each advancement we make to the eSSential LMS is to ensure our clients can achieve their training and development objectives now and in the future. The eSSential LMS is recognized as a top learning management system year after year because of our commitment to continuous improvement and customer support.

Through our agile development process, we are able to release feature enhancements to the LMS every 3-4 weeks as opposed to once or twice a year. These enhancement ideas come from both client feedback as well as emerging trends in learning technology.

Easy to Use

The user experience in the LMS is intuitive for administrators and end users alike. The system can be set up to match your true organizational structure.

With our learner-centered user experience, your users have options that can use to tailor the learning experience to their particular preferences, such as:

  • Individual skin/theme choices
  • Automated bookmarking which allows users to pick up where they left off
  • Single Sign-On makes remembering and using one password much easier
  • Multiple languages are supported through our LMS (45+ to be more precise)

Plus, with the release of version 10, the LMS now boasts a more modern user interface with more branding control and a responsive design.


Extended Enterprise &
E-Commerce Capabilities

With eSSential, you get the best of both worlds. You can sell online courses and link the learning activities back to the LMS for tracking.

  • Robust tracking and reporting provide instant insights into your most profitable courses
  • Easily sell any form of training (online courses, live training, physical products)
  • Drive more sales through coupon codes and bundles/kits for promotional pricing
  • Highly secure, PCI-compliant system with support for 50+ of the largest payment gateways

The extended enterprise capabilities of eSSential enable businesses with various networks of employees, partners, suppliers, distributors and even customers deliver and manage training from one LMS.

Additionally, these capabilities assist with increasing customer loyalty, improving channel performance, reduction in training costs, and so much more.

World-Class Support

Technology is technology.  Great customer support is what turns technology into a mission-critical part of your business. Quick and effective response and resolution is imperative for all application, content and technical questions regarding your learning management system.  The eLogic Support Team stands ready to answer all questions.

eLogic promises:

  • Your support ticket will be acknowledged within 5 minutes, with most tickets being solved within 24 hours or by the end of the week for more extreme cases
  • The team member who responds will know your application specifications and be capable of providing answers
  • Your content and other proprietary information is kept secure
  • Maintenance, backups and upgrades will be done in off hours
  • Systems and content redundancy to ensure against permanent loss

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