WHO is essential FOR?

At eLogic Learning, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring our clients achieve the highest level of success. It all starts with making sure their business and training needs are a good fit for our products and services. Because while we would love to be a good fit for everyone, sometimes we just aren’t.

So who are we a fit for? We’ve laid out some of the top characteristics of our most successful client profiles below. We do this because- as your LMS partner- we want to ensure your business achieves and exceeds its training goals.

For us, our ideal client partners…

want a partner, not just a vendor

This one is super important to us. Our most successful clients are the ones who partner and collaborate with us to reach their goals. They don’t expect us to do everything for them and aren’t looking for a DIY system. They listen to our feedback and also offer their own. After all, that feedback is what helps shape our future roadmap items and how we operate!

have complex business needs

For those who need more than just the ability to assign training…we’re ideal! We’re a great solution for businesses who want: blended learning; eCommerce functionality; extended enterprise/channel partner capabilities (B2B/B2C); continuing education management; and/or compliance assurance.

are mid-size to enterprise

Our client sweet spot resides between the mid to large enterprise-level businesses. At these levels, clients tend to have training and development teams that can take full advantage of our feature-rich system and all its functionality. Smaller businesses may not be able to dedicate the time and resources to truly get the most out of our LMS.


If you’re looking for a new LMS then chances are we could be a great fit! We offer high-touch migration, integration, and implementation services, and our support team is unmatched!

Now, that doesn’t mean we never work with first-time LMS buyers. We could be a good fit as long as they also meet these other characteristics…

example of a great client-partner testimonial


“We stay with eLogic because of the flexibility of the system and its customizability. With other systems, you can tell they’re all the same LMS that’s just been branded. eLogic looks totally different. It’s not just a skin, you can literally customize the system to do what you want. There are also constant integrations and upgrades coming out every month.



Awesome! We’d love to hear from you and see how we can help achieve and exceed your training goals! Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch…