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collect valuable feedback from learners

The eSSential Learning Management System features a cutting-edge survey engine, embedded right in the application. This survey engine is simple to use, yet offers a robust set of options to build as complex of a survey as your organization could need.

survey engine KEY FEATURES

advanced survey settings

  • Over 20 question types (Rating Scale, Open Response, Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Checkboxes, etc.)
  • Mark questions as required or optional
  • Default answers can be specified
  • Add conditions based on the user’s response and direct users to different pages or questions based on how they respond
  • Ability to restrict response period to a specific date range

flexible design & distribution options

  • Create survey themes or create a different look for each survey
  • Distribute survey outside the LMS and have non-LMS users respond (LMS license is not required)

connect surveys to learning objectives

  • Capability to assign surveys to curriculum
  • Option to make the survey required for the user to receive credit for the course

actionable data & reporting

  • Robust reporting to analyze survey responses by organization, by geography, by curriculum record, by user, etc.