eSSential LMS


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drive engagement with ratings & reviews

Once a course is complete, eSSential LMS users have the option to rate and review their learning experience. Admins have the choice to turn the feature on or off, getting as much (or as little) feedback as they want for that particular curriculum.

ratings & reviews KEY FEATURES

easy rating scale

  • Users can rate the curriculum on a scale of 1-5 stars
  • The star rating will display with the course in the LMS Course Library
  • Users can share specific feedback about their experience with the course
  • The Ratings & Reviews feature can be turned on or off for each individual curriculum, giving admins flexibility and control

display ratings in the course catalog

  • Average ratings and number of reviews for a course automatically display in the course catalog
  • Users searching for a course can read feedback to help decide which course to take next
  • Courses with good feedback and interaction will attract more engagement and encourage learners to take additional courses