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physical library items or electronic files -
both are easily managed

Manage all your library items in the eSSential Learning Management System.


A library item can be a traditional, physical item where there is a limited quantity that can be checked out (books, periodicals, DVDs, CDs, etc.). A library item can also be an electronic file (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) that is uploaded to the LMS. When the user “checks out” an electronic library item, they simply download the item and the user’s review of the material is documented in their transcript.

flexible options

  • Manage both physical and electronic library items
  • Use an external URL link as an electronic library item

never assign outdated material

  • Version tracking for uploading new versions of existing electronic library files

link items to curriculum

  • Assign library items based on your business rules with the Curriculum Assignment wizard

automate due dates & notifications

  • Trigger notifications based on check-out request to the library item manager (each item can have a different manager)
  • Assign due dates for reviewing library material
  • Send notifications as the due date nears if the material has not been returned

track competency & award certification

  • Assign certificate of completions for library items
  • Award a certification based on successful review of a library item