eSSential LMS


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Intuitive, easy-to-use navigation

The layout and navigation of the eSSential LMS gives the user an intuitive, easy-to-follow flow through their training experience.

end user navigation key FEATURES

Configurable Side Menu

  • Admins can hide, rename, or change the order menu items
  • Admins can also add an unlimited number of new pages to the application
  • Choose some or all pages to appear in the side menu for ease of navigation

ease of registration

  • There are over 15 different methods to drive end users to curriculum
  • The basic search feature functions like leading web search engines for a familiar search experience
  • Drive users directly to a specific curriculum record with external marketing campaigns (emails, websites, documents, etc.) using the Direct Registration link
  • Curriculum can be marked as mandatory and the learner automatically registered at time of login
  • Groups of users can be registered for curriculum in one easy-to-use Registration Wizard

personalized user experience

  • All users are greeted in the LMS by their name
  • Each page is named with “My” in the title.
  • Users feel in control to manage their own professional development and growth

streamlined layout

  • Critical information is presented to the user in an easy to understand fashion
  • Current, in progress registrations are always front and center
  • Important notifications about curriculum progress keep users on track

guide users to next actions

  • As the learner progresses through training, they are always guided with simple to understand next action language.
  • Next Action Examples:
    • Pre-requisite
    • Pre-assessment
    • Entrance survey
    • Post assessment
    • Completion Survey