eSSential LMS


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transform your lms into a profit center

Transform your Learning Management System from a training center to a profit center with the eSSential LMS eCommerce module.

e-commerce KEY FEATURES

sell electronic & physical products

  • Ability to sell eLearning, instructor-led training, certification programs, and physical products.
  • Robust order fulfillment area for physical products with notifications to ensure fulfillment
  • Shipping confirmation notification can include shipment tracking number
  • Shipping charges and methods can be different for each product

external search catalogs

  • External search catalogs which allow guests to browse the catalog without having a user account (accounts are created during checkout process)
  • A simple but effective catalog search feature modeled after leading eCommerce sites like
  • Ability to create separate catalogs based on customer segment with unique URL’s for each
  • Users are prompted to log in or create an account when they are ready to purchase

pricing engine

  • Powerful pricing engine which drives customer specific pricing and discounting
  • Ability to offer different prices for the same item to different customer segments
  • Integration with sales tax engine for products/training (where required)
  • Unlimited ability to define shipping methods and shipping costs down to the product/item level
  • Items can be bundled in kits for group discounting and facilitation of purchase in a single transaction

complete LMS shopping cart functionality

  • Robust shopping cart with “Continue Shopping” and “Express Checkout” features
  • Designed to minimize shopping cart abandonment
  • Shopping cart history is present to give users a view of their past transactions

multiple payment methods Accepted

  • AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, PO Number, and Bill Me
  • Flexibility to set up different allowed payment methods by customer segment
  • Standard support for over 100 merchant bank gateways for real-time credit card authorization and settlement

coupon management engine

  • A robust coupon management engine offering discounts on a percent or dollar off basic at a global or item specific level
  • Capabilities include:
    • Specific dollar amount off specific item
    • Specific dollar amount off any item
    • Percentage off specific item
    • Percentage off entire shopping cart
  • Ability to limit coupon redemption based on date or number redeemed
  • Ability to sell coupons as a product which allows one user to purchase items for other users without having to identify the users

highly secure

  • Entire site delivered with a digital security certificate (https)
  • Credit card information is never stored in the LMS
  • The last four digits of the credit card number are stored for reference purposes only
  • Full credit card number is deleted after it is securely transmitted to the credit card gateway for authorization and settlement

flexible branding & notifications

  • Flexibility to modify the content and branding displayed to customers on each page in the eCommerce flow
  • Create your own notification templates for emails generated by the system during the purchase and fulfillment process