eSSential LMS Named #1 LMS by Industry Analyst The Craig Weiss Group


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It’s been a whirlwind of excitement for eLogic Learning as it was recently named the #1 LMS out of 1,000 worldwide vendors by a leading industry analyst, The Craig Weiss Group (formerly known as E-learning 24/7). These rankings are part of The Craig Weiss Group’s annual Top 50 LMSs Report and a sneak peek of the top 10 vendors was broken down into two blog posts.

In the top 5 LMSs preview, Craig Weiss, CEO of The Craig Weiss Group, stated rankings were based on a variety of factors such as the user interface and user experience from both a learner and administrator point of view, system functionality, learning environment, LMS features, system tech and security, as well as training and support.

“I'd recommend this LMS to anyone that wants more than just good, they want great."

Based on the above factors, eLogic advanced from its previous third-place spot to number one. Weiss lists some “big wins” for eLogic that resulted in this ranking, such as:

  • Learner centricity/personalization – administrators are given the means to create unlimited branded themes. These could be used to brand different departments, external partner groups, etc.
  • Social and mobile enhancements – eLogic has quite a few enhancements coming down the pipeline in regards to its social features and brand new mobile app.
  • Upgraded user experience and interface – a modern, responsive design provides a better user experience overall and more intuitive navigation. Weiss says it best: “eLogic not only hits it out of the park, but requires you to jump into your car and chase it.”
  • E-commerce – again, there’s some amazing stuff coming down the pipeline. Hint: major integrations and upgrades are coming.
  • Support and training – eLogic provides continuous training to our clients and a highly responsive support staff who will personally reach out and acknowledge support tickets within 30 minutes.
  • Authoring tool – we partner with the #1 ranked dominKnow Platform to offer its Claro product as an integrated addition to our LMS. It should be noted that Claro is also Weiss’s #1 favorite authoring tool.

"What makes eLogic standout? Extensive feature sets that include a learner-centric design, customizable analytics and reports, forward thinking and best-in-class training and support,” says Weiss. “I'd recommend this LMS to anyone that wants more than just good, they want great."

It has been a busy year eLogic in an effort to reach this top spot in Weiss’s report. From putting the final touches on and unveiling a brand new, modern interface to releasing 101 new system enhancements between July and December.

“This award has been the focus of the entire eLogic team for the past several years and their commitment to this has been absolute. This is the equivalent of the Academy Award of eLearning and The Craig Weiss Group demanded excellence in our performance,” says Mark Anderson, CEO of eLogic Learning. “On the product side, 2016 included over 100 application enhancements based on feedback from our clients and the industry’s desires, along with a super new User Interface and experience. We’re reloading and raising the bar for 2017 to maintain that number one spot.”

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