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What's it like to work at eLogic?

eLogic Learning Company Culture

At eLogic Learning, our company culture is extremely important to us. When you think about it, you spend around eight hours of your day with us…so we better like each other. We’re a growing team full of people who enjoy what they do and have fun while doing it. We’re hardworking, forward-thinking, and expectation-breaking. We wear jeans to work, have a great work-life balance, and share some good-natured trash-talking during the Office Olympics.

The experience our prospects and clients have with us is of the utmost importance. The same can be said about the experience our employees have. In fact, the four core values of our company not only apply to how we engage with our prospects and clients, but can also be used to sum up what it’s like to work for us:
  • Quality – We look for quality individuals who are friendly, hardworking, innovative, team players, and looking to positively impact the company. We want individuals who will give us their best work and enjoy making our product and team the best it can be.

  • Integrity – If you’re going to take the last packet of peanut M&Ms from the candy stash then at least be honest about it! But really, what we’re looking for here is the ability to follow through on commitments, remain accountable for your duties, and be a dependable team member. We want our team to know we’re there for each other no matter if it’s a professional or personal matter.

  • Continuous Improvement – We focus heavily on improving our product, but more importantly, we focus on improving the lives of our employees. We ensure you’re not only utilizing your current skills sets but growing and expanding on them. After all, we can’t help other organizations with their continuous education needs while ignoring those of our own people, right? And in our eyes, it’s a win-win.

    But continuing to improve on our professional selves is just one area of focus here. We want to also make sure we’re improving the lives of our employees in general. We have a “just because” holiday, tons of office events, monthly birthday celebrations, team outings, and community service opportunities that focus on making sure there’s a great work-life balance.

  • Responsiveness – We treat our clients the way we- as a company- would like to be treated, which is quickly, efficiently, and personably. This extends to our employees as well. We want to foster an environment that’s open to new ideas, acts on the ones that make sense, and encourages the team to keep throwing new ones our way. It’s how we’ll continue to grow and become a bigger powerhouse in our industry.
This isn’t the end-all-be-all list of what makes up our culture, but it at least gives some insight into what we look for and what it’s like working on the eLogic Learning team. Our learning management system is award-winning and industry leading, and we want our team to reflect that as well.

Oh, and if you have a dog that could be our new “office dog” then that’s even better!