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Enriching lives and advancing companies through training and development

Founded in 2001, eLogic Learning is a mature and proven industry leader in learning strategy, design and implementation of learning management software and services.

Utilizing our proprietary web-based learning management technology, content capabilities, professional experience and a partnership attitude, we provide companies the tools they need to continually enhance and enrich their most valuable asset: the people behind the brand.

Company Vision & Values

eLogic Learning's core values are founded on the principles of quality, integrity, responsiveness and continuous improvement. We care about giving back to the community.

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Impacting Millions of Individual Users, Everyday

We complement our learning management system with a unique Design and Implementation Process and stand-out Customer Service capabilities. We know our clients’ businesses and align their learning and development plans to their business goals for meaningful outcomes.

Our learning solutions mirror clients’ organizational flow to distribute appropriate content, including Online Training (OLT), Instructor-Led Training (ILT), On-the-job Training (OJT), and regulatory and certification requirements, to the right people where and when it’s needed.


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We measure training’s effectiveness through assessments and other quantifiable reporting metrics, all backed by can-do teams who stay focused on customer relationships and results.

Each LMS implementation is designed to achieve at least one or more of three business objectives: increased revenue generation, cost reduction and/or risk mitigation. This results in a significant Cost Benefit/ROI for our clients as well as critical intangible benefits.

eLogic Learning Holidays

Below is a list of all major holidays eLogic will be observing. The office will be closed on these days.

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Trusted E-Learning Experts

eLogic Learning proudly serves many of the finest enterprises in the world.

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