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Is Your Company Prepared for a Compliance Audit?

In an era in which the public is sensitive to…

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4 Tips for Creating an LMS RFP Without All the Stress

According to a 2016 study conducted by Brandon Hall Group,…

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9 Ways Busy eLearning Pros Can Keep Up with Modern Technology

Who has time to keep up with all the latest…

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LMS Implementation Infographic

Depending on the LMS vendor, their particular LMS implementation process…

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Simple vs. Complex LMS Needs as Explained Using Cars

Recently, I was helping a friend of mine with a…

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How to Get Executive Buy-In on a New or First-Time LMS Purchase

When business leaders make decisions about new investments into the…

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What Do You Mean You’re Keeping My Content? An LMS Authoring Tool Horror Story

It’s an unfortunate truth that at some point you’ll probably…

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Low-Cost Airlines and the Low-Cost LMS: The Story of How They Nickel and Dime You

I recently had the pleasure (read: misfortune) of flying a…

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Top 10 eLearning Authoring Tools

Many organizations have huge investments tied into conventional training content.…

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What is SCORM, Tin Can, xAPI and AICC?

FREE DOWNLOAD: xAPI Quick-Start Guide. Fill out this worksheet to help you…

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