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Are Performance Management and Annual Performance Reviews (APRs) a Thing of the Past?

There’s been talk recently about the effectiveness and relevancy of…

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How and Where to Find a Great Instructional Designer

Instructional design (ID) is as much of an art as…

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10 Free and Low-Cost Online Collaboration Tools

Let’s face it, team collaboration (especially when some or all…

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The Cost and Advantages of Moving Training Programs to an LMS

According to an estimate, corporate training around the world is…

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How to Create Use Case Scenarios for a Learning Management System Evaluation

FREE DOWNLOAD: LMS Use Case Scenario Template. Easily create your own…

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8 Elements of an Engaging eLearning Course

When it comes to online learning resources, there’s no substitute…

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The Future Workforce: Evolving Trends and Tendencies

Anyone who’s even remotely plugged into how the workforce has…

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Learning Management Systems: Helping Improve Employee Training Retention

You invest in training your staff, but the question always…

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15 eLearning Trends and Statistics to Know for 2017

BLOG UPDATE: Updated Blog on Elearning Trends for 2019 Available Here…

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The 10 Best eLearning and Training TED Talks Ever Given

We can’t have all the answers, much to our chagrin.…

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