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Complex Continuing Education: Industry Trends & Technology

Exclusive research on the state of Continuing Education management in regulated industries

Many professionals today need to complete some form of Continuing Education to maintain their certification or license to legally practice their profession.

When these Continuing Education requirements change in each state, the process of managing employee certification and licensing becomes complex and time-consuming – especially for healthcare, accounting, finance, insurance and legal firms.

In this white paper, Talented Learning reveals extensive research on how organizations manage changes in credit amounts, deadlines, and reporting standards — while staying compliant with multiple governing bodies.

You'll Learn:

Market Research

Continuing Education market size, statistics and major players

State of Complex Continuing Education

Overview of complex Continuing Education in healthcare, accounting, finance, insurance, legal, and other regulated industries

Continuing Education Management Tools

Overview of tools & technology to manage complex continuing education processes and reports more efficiently

Interviews with Continuing Education Professionals

Real-life experiences of training and development professionals who are experts in complex Continuing Education

About the Authors

talented learning

Talented Learning is a media, research and consulting organization dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of extended enterprise learning solutions. Providing in-depth research and consulting, Talented Learning helps organizations at every stage of the extended enterprise learning technology life-cycle from business case development, vendor selection, deployment, measurement and growth.

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