Best Practices for Managing
Complex Continuing Education

Having Trouble Tracking CE Credits? Here are some best practices to make CE management, tracking and reporting easier!


Certain Continuing Education (CE) credits are easy to track, but how do you manage different credit types, credit values, jurisdictions and requirements?

Many of the available tools can't handle complex CE reporting scenarios in industries such as financial, legal, accounting and healthcare. As a result, much of the work is manual and frustrating.

In this informative session, John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, and Bill Snowdon, CTO of eLogic Learning, discuss Continuing Education market trends and tips to manage rapidly changing and complex CE requirements. You'll learn:

Continuing Education (CE) market statistics

Today's tools and tips for managing CE better, faster and more accurately

Stories from the front line

Levels of CE/CEU support to look for from LMS solutions