How to Increase Compliance Training Completions: 4 Real-Life Lessons


With the landslide of obligations, meetings, interruptions and deliverable expectations employees face every day, compliance training can easily fall to the bottom of their “To-Do” lists.

Obviously, no one looks forward to sitting through a boring training session. Unfortunately, when the training is required for licensing, certification or compliance, there's not always a lot you can do about the content.

Don't despair, there are some key strategies that can have a real impact in increasing training completions while saving valuable administrative time and costs.

Here are 4 real-life lessons from our own clients on how you can increase compliance training completions:

1. Make Training Easy to Find

When working on any project or task, having all the tools and resources needed in one, easy-to-find place greatly accelerates and improves the process. This concept is no different for compliance training.

If there are multiple courses an employee needs to complete, additional materials to read and activities to check off, they are much more likely to do it all if everything is accessible in one place.

Just uploading courses and materials to an LMS isn’t enough.  Training completion and results will be much better if all the resources are grouped together within the LMS in an organized way that is extremely easy for employees to find.

Massage Envy Spa used the Learning Paths feature to group together related certification courses in the eSSential LMS.

With a simple, one-time set up, training administrators at Massage Envy Spa improved the compliance training experience for employees. They also saved valuable administrative time by setting the Learning Paths to automatically repeat each year when certifications need to be renewed.

Client Example #1

  • Massage Envy Spa founded in 2002
  • Leading provider of therapeutic massage in the United States
  • 980 franchise locations in 49 states and 1.5 million members

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

In today’s constantly connected world, we are inundated with information at a breakneck pace. To stay focused both personally and professionally, people have become programmed to filter out the noise.

Capturing employees’ attention and motivating them to complete training, even if it’s a requirement, is more of a challenge than ever.

Creating clear, concise reminders for training and emphasizing due dates are great ways to get employees to take notice (and action). If you use an LMS, you can take the level of efficiency up a notch and save valuable time by automating the notifications.

Before partnering with eLogic, Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS) didn’t have an automated system for notifying employees of training deadlines. Instead, they had to individually email every employee when training was due – a time-consuming, hard-to-manage task.

Using the eSSential LMS, administrators can easily choose to send automatic notifications by email, text or just within the LMS depending on the employee’s preferences. They can also customize the look, feel and messaging of each notification for maximum impact.

Training notifications helped accelerate the adoption rate of the LMS among employees, which significantly increased compliance training completions. Now, employees even set their own reminders for training and sync them to their calendars using the LMS.

Client Example #2

  • Presbyterian Medical Services founded in 1969
  • Provides medical care, counseling, education, child/senior services, homecare and hospice to the underserved communities of New Mexico

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

The best user experience requires the absolute least amount of steps possible to accomplish a given task or goal. Since compliance training is mandatory, why force employees to sign up for it themselves?

One way to improve the compliance training experience is to register employees for required courses so they don’t have to sign up themselves. Using an automated process can prevent any employees from being left behind as well.

eLogic’s client SWBC requires their employees to complete information security training within 30 days of hire. Before partnering with eLogic, SWBC’s training department would manually register employees for the course. However, the manual process left room for employees to be missed.

SWBC believed there was opportunity to improve and automate this process. As eLogic consistently updates the eSSential LMS based on customer feedback, within a few weeks SWBC had the automation functionality they needed.

Now the eSSential LMS recognizes when new users are added to the system and automatically assigns them to the security course. As a result, SWBC has assurance that its employees are upholding the highest security standards, which they can in turn pass onto clients.

Client Example #3

  • SWBC founded in 1976
  • Diversified financial services company with offices across the United States
  • Provides a wide range of insurance, mortgage, and investment services to financial institutions, businesses, and individuals

4. Provide Consistent Training Everywhere

We can only improve something if we can measure it. If training isn’t 100% consistent across every employee, department and location of your organization, there’s no real way to prove whether or not completions have increased.

Think about all the training that is required of your employees. How much of it is still dependent on physical manuals? How many different places do employees need to go to register for training? Are you able to report on all your employee training activity? If so, are your reports coming from multiple sources?

Existing training materials or in-person training can simply and easily be managed online, or even become custom online courses.

Citizens Property Insurance engaged eLogic to convert their existing training materials into custom eLearning courses with the goal of standardizing training throughout their geographically dispersed office locations. They also implemented the eSSential LMS to not only deliver online training, but to manage in-person events online.

Now, Citizens can analyze the participation and performance of all their training activities with a single blended learning solution.

Notice, these strategies don't involve changing or creating new training, though, sometimes that or a bit of a redesign may be necessary. Instead, they give you some actionable items to help make your compliance training easier, more concise and consistent.

Client Example #4

  • Citizens Property Insurance founded in 2002
  • Not-for-profit, tax-exempt government corporation whose public purpose is to provide insurance protection to Florida property owners throughout the state
  • Manages over one million policies with a network of 8,500 agents and over 1,160 employees

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