About Project:

Vitera Moves Training Online to Accelerate Onboarding and Reduce Costs

Client Snapshot

Vitera Healthcare Solutions (Vitera), a part of Greenway Health/formerly Sage Healthcare, provides end-to-end clinical and financial technology solutions so physicians and medical professionals can work with patients instead of paperwork. Serving more than 400,000 healthcare professionals including 80,000 physicians, Vitera provides electronic health records and practice management systems, processes 33 million transactions and 1.8 million e-prescriptions monthly, and serves several specialties including primary care, OB/GYN, pediatrics, cardiology and orthopedics in all sized practices and Community Health Centers. From setting an appointment through claims processing, Vitera is trusted by hundred of thousands of health care professionals to ensure efficiency and accuracy so the provider can focus on patient quality care.

Key Points
  • Vitera wanted to improve client satisfaction by delivering training in a faster, more consistent format than their current instructor-led programs
  • Using the eSSential LMS, Vitera developed SmartPace, an online training portal that allowed them to deliver training for a fraction of the cost
  • Vitera converted physical training materials to online modules and leveraged eLogic’s online course offerings to develop a catalog of over 3,000 courses
  • In an initial beta test of the LMS,  98% of clients reported they were satisfied with the training, and Vitera saved 7,682 labor hours (equivalent to over $200,000)
  • Physicians are now able to train in SmartPace without interruption to their practice
  • Support costs for Vitera’s products and services have decreased significantly as a result of the LMS, which has positively impacted business development

The Challenge

The healthcare provider marketplace is rapidly changing.  Pressures from new regulations, insurance requirements, and technology require that healthcare be delivered in a cost-effective manner.

Vitera Healthcare Solutions (Vitera) has historically been a high-touch provider.  However, Vitera’s instructor-led training (ILT) programs for new client onboarding and current client training caused a number of challenges, including:

  • New client onboarding timeframes extended to over six months due to the limited availability of trainers
  • Physicians had to close operations to train user groups, resulting in lost revenues yet continued costs
  • Costs for instructor-led new client and ongoing training were continually increasing
  • The ILT programs were not standardized, causing inconsistencies and a high level of training support calls
  • Overall client satisfaction with training was low at less than 30%

Vitera needed a strategy to combat the high training costs and delivery challenges impacting new business growth, while at the same time deliver a positive customer experience. The company’s goals were to reduce the cost of training by 50%, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

“Vitera began with a beta test of 125 clients that resulted in 98% client satisfaction and 7,682 hours of labor saved, or over $200,000.”

The eLogic Solution

Vitera partnered with eLogic to create SmartPace, an online learning portal powered by the eSSential LMS. With SmartPace, Vitera can deliver training, certifications and required industry knowledge to new and existing customers conveniently online. Clients and providers now have greater flexibility to engage in the training at their own pace, on their own time.

Vitera converted their physical product training materials to engaging, informative online courses.  Additionally, Vitera worked with eLogic to secure over 3,000 “off-the-shelf” courses from third party publishers to develop a rich online course catalog. This catalog spans many topics including leadership development, IT certifications, MS Outlook, legal, finance and other relevant courses for both employees and clients.

Using SmartPace, Vitera has developed a unique “check-in” process to ensure customer understanding, progression, and success throughout the training process. The on-demand  training is delivered for a fraction of the traditional ILT training costs, while maintaining the “high touch” feel, and giving clients more control over their learning experience.

With reporting in eSSential, Vitera has all the course completion and certification results they need at their fingertips, as well as important metrics to measure training effectiveness and return on investment.

The Results

Vitera began with a beta test of 125 new clients on the SmartPace training. The testing resulted in a 98% client satisfaction ratio and a saving of 7,682 labor hours or over $200,000.

Since the beta test, Vitera has added over 53,000 users into the SmartPace program with over 240,000 completed trainings in the LMS. With hundreds of thousands of clients, the economic return on investment to Vitera has been substantial.

Vitera and providers can easily verify standardized training and user knowledge, resulting in a lower support cost per client. Providers also pay a reduced support fee for SmartPace trained and certified employees.

Physicians are now able to train in SmartPace without interruption to their practice and the resulting lost revenues.

Both onboarding and ongoing training have become a convenient and enjoyable experience for clients, which has positively impacted new business development along with overall client satisfaction.


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